Evil Genius helpdesk humour
"We care a lot"

Tales from the helpdesk

Technology gone wild

Customers gone nuts

Technological nightmares

The machines are coming

We welcome our robot overlords

Speed bumps on the superhighway

Drag-and-drop interface

But it was working yesterday

That's not the way we do it round here

How do I double-click?

But it's a brand-new computer

That's not what my brother told me

I want to talk to your supervisor

It's too hard

Why can't you do it for me?

Can you help me install this virus?

That other man said you would help me

Don't you know the customer's always right?


You're not talking my language

Communication breakdown

Are you receiving me?

Dash dash dash dot dot dot dash dash dash

Billing injuries

Money worries

Cold hard cash

A day late and a dollar short

We've got mail

Poison pens

Chopping lists

Questions to which the answer will always be 'no'

The operator's dictionary

The manager's phrasebook

Fun things to do in the call centre

Other stuff

They SAY... they MEAN...

THEY say... we WANT to say...

Simple solutions to complex problems

Stories from the other side of the phone

What if driving a car was as hard as using a computer?

What if riding an elevator was as hard as using a computer?

What if making breakfast was as hard as using a computer?


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